“With Bobby’s help I managed a fantastic start with my Zumba business. He designed an effective and simple to use for people website which captivates the attention of my clients. And when with that Bobby brings his vast experience, in promoting either through classic marketing or social media, everything gets so close to perfect. Thank you!” – Julia, www.ZumbaWithJulia.com
“I am extremely happy with the website you have built for me. The layout and design mirrored exactly what I was looking to achieve. The quality of the website is fantastic in terms of it’s easy straight forward design which makes it accessible for people to download the ebook. You were very efficient, patient and always brilliant to work alongside. I never would have considered the social media element to incorporate into the website, as this isn’t an area i am too familiar with, but your imaginative ideas helped make the website so much better than I had originally planned. Your contribution to Grow Into Success is also something invaluable in terms of the excellent content and wisdom you offer to it. I cannot thank you enough for the work you have done which has allowed me to fulfil my goal!” – Sarah-Sophia, www.GrowIntoSuccess.com
The YES Group North web site has allowed us to market our potentially life changing events to a much wider audience. The best part is we can update and manage the content ourselves and don’t have to wait on a developer to make the changes. This is both convenient and cost effective. Thank you ever so much.” – Niri Patel, www.YesGroupNorth.com


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