Our team and associates have over a decade each of working with computers, websites and coding. This provides a good foundation for setting up your website and online presence the right way, by focusing on the basics.

We even have some newer and younger calves available on hand that love new technology and keep up with the changes faster than the rest and can build on the solid platform we will provide.

They are all geeks – which only means that they love to get involved in and learn more about those things that interest them.

So if you have a query, we can answer it for you or refer you to someone who can help you with an even better solution.

Head Cow has a background in Engineering and over 10 years experience in HTML, blogging, SEO and building websites.
Also a fan of personal developments and social interaction, he knows how to build relationships and help people communicate using techie and non-techie language – both online and in the real world.

Others may talk about doing the latest and greatest thing for you but do they really know anything about the field that they are in?  Have they applied the techniques they try to sell to you and got results?  What is their own social media profile like?  Well look no further…

We won’t recommend anything that you don’t need as we live in a strict B.S. free zone.

It’s not just about all the latest trends, we get back to basics and find out what you AND your customers want.  Having found that sometimes it is the simple things that have the greatest impact.

At Vanilla Cow, we do have the Bells and are happy to discuss the Whistles – but most importantly we want to get you up and running fast and getting more cream for your business.

We don’t just have ‘sizzle’ like the flash mob – we deliver the steak!

We can provide details of sites we’ve worked on, Fanpages, Twitter accounts, Youtube videos and show you enough social proof that you will know that your Website and Social Presence is in good hands.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you with your Website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Local and Mobile Marketing.

“Socially Connected Websites”

Over the last few years we have worked with and done website design, development and consulting work with clients all over the World. Including York, Leeds, Harrogate, Halifax, Barnsley, Rotherham, Sheffield, Bradford, Wakefield and Huddersfield in the Yorkshire Region. And also Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, Loughborough, Nottingham, London and even San Diego California.